Registration Forms & Payment

This website provides an informational list of program offerings. Below you will find information on how to register as a member of the senior center, as well as information on how to sign up for a program.


Registration Packet:  

1.  Annual Questionnaire

2.  Letter from the Director

3.  Senior Center Hand Book for Use of Town Property (Senior Center) at 40 Maple Street

4. " 2016-2017  Registration and Release Form " is required for all programs  on an annual basis. One waiver covers all classes and programs.


1.  An updated Annual Registration Form must be on file for all programs

2. A Program Registration Form is to be used for a program that requires a fee, is limited in size, or specified "Sign Up required".  A separate form is required for each program prior to the start of the next session.  

Click HERE for a printable version.

3.  Payment, if applicable, is due upon sign-up. Partial payments are not accepted unless noted otherwise.   Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis.  Preference will be given to Ellington residents.

4. All fees are listed with each program. Make-up classes are not permitted, unless the senior center cancels.
5.  We encourage you to sign yourself up for select special events in the Information Center.  For programs where payment is required, or sign up times are specific, please see the front desk receptionist.   By signing up for programs in advance, it helps us with planning a proper setup, including seating, tables, other materials, and refreshments as needed.  We appreciate your help!

Note: Programs, fees, dates, times, instructors, and VPLs are subject to change. For additional questions please ask the VPL, class Instructor, or Assistant Director. Remember to check back regularly as new classes and programs will be added to the calendar over the course of the year.

6.  Program Suggestion Form

We are currently unable to accept payments online.  

All payments may be made at the Senior Center.  Cash or a check made payable to S.C.A. F. (Senior Center Activities Fund) are accepted.

Human Services:

"Request to Conduct Well-Being Check in the Event of Emergency Incident"
Please submit completed form to:
Town of Ellington, Department of Human Services
P.O. Box 187
Ellington, CT  06029
or Fax to:  860-870-3198

Room Rental:

Ellington Senior Center Room Rental Form and Rules
Please submit complete form, along with all required documents, to Erin R. Graziani, Director.