The Maple Street Cafe

The Maple Street Cafe will be closed the months of December and January.

We will be re-opening on Tuesday, February 4, 2020!! 

Le Petite Cafe

Help yourself to a cup of coffee or tea and homemade baked good or pre-packaged grab-and-go-snack in Le Petite Cafe Monday-Friday.  Items will vary weekly and suggested donation price will be listed individually.  

Important Updates 

* In the event the center has a delayed opening due to inclement weather, the lunch that day will be cancelled *

We will gladly accept donations of unopened, unexpired, prepackaged, commercially-prepared food and beverages for the cafe (ie. granola bars, chips, yogurt, soda, bottled water, etc.).  Sorry, we are unable to accept homemade items.  Please inquire if you have a donation.  

About Our Meals Program:

Maple Street Kitchen is funded in part by a grant received by North Central Area Agency on Aging and the Older American's Act.  All meals are made on the premises and served by volunteers trained in food service.  Note that tickets for Special Events must be purchased in advance, or sign up is required, by the date listed on the flyer.

Food Service Team:

Erin R. Graziani, Director, CFPM, PIC
Samantha Baer, Assistant Director, CFPM
Russ Bastille, CFPM
Jeannie Hany, CFPM
Terry Caron
Sheila Dunn
Jeanie Hany
Cheryl Kenton
Clifton Marks
Balubhai Parmar
Janet Sauvignano
Ray Tessier
Maureen Webber
Barbara Wolfson

Thank you volunteers!

CFPM - Certified Food Protection Manager
PIC - Person in Charge